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Optimized Process
"Sister Queens"

TRINITY AND JURNEE BUSH - We have always believed in the theory that "it takes a village".  Donna Murrell, I am grateful that you are part of our village.  Initially met you because you gave my oldest daughter Kylah an opporutnity to sing at one of your events and from there you begin to mentor and coach my little ones.  Trinity has always loved the stage but has GROWN leaps and bounds by having your guidance.  Jurnee, has always been our shy baby but let me tell you, Carolina Girls Rock Pageant brought out a child that we didn't know existed.  Thank you for being part of our village, Ms. Donna, we could not be more grateful for your love and care for our girls...all 3 of them.  You are all Carolina Girls who ROCK!!!! - Patrice Bush, Entrepreneur and Author

Mrs India NC 2020

KAVITHA VYATA - Thank you so much for being my Pageant Coach.  This was the first time in my life at the age of 39 being in a pageant.  Never received any training until I met you.  Living in another city, we decided to do my entire training through FaceTime and it worked out just fine.  I would not have WON the title of 2020 Mrs North Carolina Miss India without your support, motivation, and encouragement.  So, so many thanks, and sorry we were not able to meet properly due to after the pageant, taking photos.  Just wanted to say 'Thank You" and a "Hug" for what you did for me.  You built my self-esteem and confidence to where I did not even know I had.  Being a single mother of two boys, this has made a difference in my life.  I am planning to attend Nationals in the Fall to compete in the next level and I will call you to assist me in preparing for that and hopefully you will travel with me to compete.  Again, Thank You Miss Donna, you are "America's Best Pageant Coach".  - Kavitha Vyata, 2020 Mrs India NC

Flexible Utilization
Optimized Process

ELYSE WOODSON - I want to thank you and your team for the awesome work you all have done with Elyse.  She had a blast as a contestant in your Carolina Girls Rock Pageant.  She has gained even more experience and confidence than before and due to that being Crowned the Title of National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen North Carolina.  - Jonquia Barrier

JAZMINE PALMA - I wanted to write you with the overwhelming of appreciation and gratitude that I have for you and your team.  My daughter has shown so much growth with you and your staff.  Her confidence and eager to learn and becoming more respectful and lady-like around people is very noticeable.  She is growing up to be a strong independent young lady.  As my daughter stood on your pageant stage and did something that nost adults have fear of doing (speaking in front of a crowd) and did it very well for her first time.  I wanted to cry with overjoy and blessed all at the same time.  I would like for my daughter to continue working with you and your organization; that way I can get more prepared by looking for her competition attire.  Please let me know what is the next steps.  Again thank you very much for all you and your staff's hard work. - Charlene Lynn Palma